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Accessoires pour Scopes


D-PPSPressure Pulse Sensor
Since 2004 a worldwide use of the Pressure Pulse Sensors – PPS in automobile diagnostics started.   … en savoir plus

COPSCOP sensor
This lead is used for testing a Coil On Plug ignition system. It will give you a secondary pattern of the coil it is hooked up to. 1,5m cable with BNC connector.



#1CPC1 cylinder Pick up clamp
Used for trigger or sync for #1 cylinder.  With the Capacitve Pick up you will be able to see all cylinder firing events on a distributor type ignition. Used with regular scope leads it will allow you to sync your scope signal with an ignition event.

CAPPUCapacitive Pick up Lead
This will allow the scope to view secondary ignition patterns. when combined with the #1 cylinder pick up to display all cylinders on a distributor type engine or single cylinder on DIS type engine.

COPELCOP Extension Lead
This lead can be used on any labscope to be able to view ignition patterns.


ST_8005Câble d’essai blindé
Fil d’essai blindé avec double fiches de type BNC. Un côté mâle et l’autre femelle.
La longueur de ce fil d’essai est de 12′.


ST_8020-2Adaptateur BNC-Banane
Adaptateur flexible avec prises de type banane à multi-connections munie d’une prise femelle de type BNC. La longueur est de 6′


Piercing_Test_ClipAutomotive Insulation Piercing Test Clip
You can use this automotive probe to test components or check places which are hard to reach, … en savoir plus


Attenuator_10Attenuator 10:1
This is an addition for measuring higher voltages. Its main purpose is to measure the control signals to the injectors.

Attenuator_20Attenuator 20:1
This is an addition for measuring higher voltages. Its main purpose is to measure the voltage from the primary ignition system and others.



Secondary Ignition Pickup
The secondary ignition pickup enables to measure high-tension (HT) voltages in secondary ignition circuits.  It clips onto the HT lead with no need to disconnect the lead.  The lead includes a groupd clip that you must always connect to battery negative (earth) to prevent stray voltages from damaging the PicoScope.


Coil-On-Plug probe extension leads
Ensemble de 4 disponible
These extension leads give access to the HT (secondary) ignition circuit in coil-on-plug engines.  Fit the COP Extension Lead between the coil and the plug, then place a Secondary Ignition Pickup on the lead to pick up the HT pattern.  Includes an earth (ground) wire to ensure safety.


Inductive Pickup
Detects currents in injector wires, providing a cylinder ID signal for the ACE Misfire Detective software.


BNC to 4 mm Test Lead
3 m test lead ou 5 m test lead
Custom-made for automotive diagnostics.  3 m and 5 m long versions available.  Fully screened to reduce noise pickup.


PT TA008Backpinning Probe Set
In fact, it’s the smallest diameter back pinning probe that we know of. This is essential for probing today’s small, fragile connector. It is also very sharp, so it slides past connector seals with ease.



Multimeter probes
These probes fit all our BNC-to-4 mm test cables.  They are used to make contact with exposed wires and terminals.



Small crocodile clips
These clips fit all our BNC-to-4 mm test cables.  They are used to make contact with exposed wires and terminals. For larger terminals, use large crocodile clips.


Large Dolphin Clips
These clips fit all our BNC-to-4 mm test cables.  They are used to make contact with exposed wires and terminals, including battery terminals. For smaller terminals, use the small crocodile clips.


Insulation Piercing Clips
When there is no other way to get to a wire, clamp one of these on and a sharp pin pierces the insulation.  Accepts 4 mm plugs.



4 mm Shrouded to Unshrouded Adaptors
Converts the shrouded 4 mm (banana) plug on our test leads to an unshrouded plug for use with vehicle manufacturers’ breakout boxes.



Sprung Hook Probes
These probes fit all our BNC-to-4 mm test cables.  They allow you to make hands-free contact with exposed wires and terminals.

Premium Test Leads
Premium test lead BNC to 4 mm BLUE (fixed ground)
Premium test lead BNC to 4 mm RED (removable ground)
Premium test lead BNC to 4 mm GREEN (removable ground)
Premium test lead BNC to 4 mm YELLOW (removable ground)
Set of four premium test leads (one of each)


Pico_TA168JCASE fuse extension Lead
The TA168 JCASE fuse extension lead is designed to be used with standard and low profile JCASE fuses. JCASE is a cartridge style fuse with female terminal design, providing both increased time delay and low voltage drop to protect high current circuits & handle inrush currents.


60MHz Oscilloscope Probe
This 60 MHz oscilloscope probe is used for acurately measuring fast signals like CAN bus and FlexRay.  Standard BNC plug 1,2 m long.


BNC Plug to 4 mm Adaptor
This handy adapter converts a BNC input to two 4 mm sockets, enabling you to plug accessories equipped with 4 mm plugs into the PicoScope.



PT TA197 10:1 Attenuator
High bandwidth and fault protected 10:1 attenuator for use with the PicoScope 4225 and 4425 (and other scopes).
It has high input impedence to reduce load on the circuit being measured

20:1 Attenuator
Increases the input range to 300 V.  For measuring fuel injector and primary ignition voltages.

6-Way Universal Breakout Leads
Micro 0,6 mm         Small 1,5 mm
Medium 2,3 mm     Large 2,8 mm
Breakout lead kit including Small, Medium and Large
No need to pierce insulation or back-pin connectors.  Fully shrouded and insulated for safety.  These breakout leads simply connect into the existing cable loom and enable voltage readings to be taken from numerous sensors in the engine compartment.


Fuse Extension Leads
ATS and mini-ATS sizes for all common fuses.  Use with the 60 amp clamp to measure fuse current.


Brass Adaptor
To use with the vacuum hose as a step down into different size hoses.


Use this S-hook to keep test leads tidy in the engine bay.



Differential oscilloscope probe

CAT III rated differential oscilloscope probe that can measure up to ±1400 volts.   … en savoir plus



acedetectiveACE Misfire Detective logiciel seulement
ACE Misfire Dectective kit complet
The ECM does not always detect misfires so you cannot totally rely on your scan tool.
Did you ever have a PO300 code, misfire but the cylinder not identified? Frustrating?  … en savoir plus


Mixmaster 12-Channel Automotive Signal Mixer

With the Mixmaster 12–channel automotive signal mixer you can view an ignition parade display of up to 12 cylinders on any lab scope.  … en savoir plus



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