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DT_Plus_2CarDAQ-Plus 2
CarDAQ-PLUS and MongoosePro devices are the most validated, tested and accepted SAE J2534 devices around the globe and used by technicians … en savoir plus



VSI-J2534VSI-2534 Programmer
As vehicles become more computerized, the requirement to reprogram those modules is more and more necessary. AutoEnginuity’s J2534 reprogramming hardware meets that requirement. … en savoir plus


The all-new TVIT offers flexibility, rugged performance, and its advanced software provides for improved diagnostic and flash repairs for today’s heavy-duty vehicles.  Supporting RP1210 systems, TVIT is equipped to also provide coverage for manufacturers using SAE J2534 standards … en savoir plus

Eleven years ago, Drew Technologies created the first J2534 tool in the world. Since that time we have gained more J2534 experience than any other company. CarDAQ-M is an evolutionary MODULAR J2534 tool that can easily be upgraded as automotive repair technology changes.  … en savoir plus


Remplacé par CarDAQ-Plus 2  … en savoir plus




DT_MGPROMongoosePro Toyota
•Toyota approved global diagnostics tool
•Supports full factory diagnostics and reprogramming with Toyota Techstream
•Sold by Toyota as « Techstream Lite » to Toyota dealership and the aftermarket
•Save 90% over the cost of the full Techstream kit
•Supports 1996-present vehicles   … en savoir plus


DT_MGPROMongoosePro VW
•Volkswagen and Audi Tool
•Supports full factory diagnostics and reprogramming with ODIS
•Save money over the factory ODIS interface
•Supports 2004-present vehicles
•Optional Bluetooth version… en savoir plus


DT_MGPROMongoosePro Jaguar-Land Rover (JLR)
•Jaguar-Land Rover approved global diagnostics tool
•Supports full factory diagnostics and reprogramming with JLR Diagnostics Program
•Sold to JLR dealerships as the factory diagnostics tool
•New VCI for the JLR IDS system   … en savoir plus


DT_MGPROMongoosePro Ford
•Validated and approved by Ford for module programming (FMP)
•Reprogram most Ford ECM’s using the FMP reprogramming application
•Perform PATS Security Key functions
•Supports all 1996-present Ford vehicles   … en savoir plus


•Diagnostics for powertrain, chassis, body, anti-theft, and TPMS systems with TECH2WIN
•Reprogramming for all modules with TIS2WEB
•Perform security key functions
•Supports all 1996-present GM vehicles   … en savoir plus


DT_MGPROMongoosePro Honda
•Reprogram Honda vehicles using the Honda J2534 software
•Supports some diagnostics using the DrewTech J2534 toolbox … en savoir plus



DT_MGPROMongoosePro Chrylser
•Reprogram Chrysler Engine and Transmission ECUs using Chrysler’s
•Supports most 1996-present Chrysler vehicles  … en savoir plus



Provides constant clean power supply during diagnostics and reprograming and battery charging through a fully regulated DC output. … en savoir plus